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Nutritional IV Specialist

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Nutritional IV therapy bypasses the digestive system for optimal absorption and optimal results. At Alive IV — the medical spa of Ketamine Health Centers with four locations in Coral Gables, West Palm Beach, Weston, and Altamonte Springs, Florida, the gifted healthcare providers offer IV NAD, IV multivitamin therapy, and much more. From boosting your energy and mood to enhancing your general wellness and replenishing deficiencies, nutritional IV therapy is an excellent choice. Experience the impressive power and myriad benefits of nutrients. Call Ketamine Health Centers, or book online today.

Nutritional IV Q & A

What is a nutritional IV?

A nutritional IV or nutritional IV therapy refers to effective treatments specially designed to deliver valuable nutrients, such as minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and electrolytes, directly into your bloodstream. You can usually feel the effects almost immediately.

At Alive IV, your provider carefully administers these nutrients directly into your veins, providing you with fast-acting therapeutic benefits. 

Alive IV offers different types of nutritional boosters and IV therapies, such as vitamin D, antioxidants, and electrolytes.

NAD+ is an essential molecule present in every cell of your body. Alive IV also offers NAD therapy and NAD+ to further optimize your health. NAD therapy yields promising results when combined with ketamine (this is an extra cost).

What can a nutritional IV do?

Your provider might suggest multivitamin or nutritional IV therapy as a form of help with chronic dehydration, depression and postpartum depression, fatigue, vitamin deficiencies, such as low vitamin D or B12, and other problems. A nutritional IV can also restore your electrolyte balance and improve your nerve, muscle, and heart function.

If you’re suffering from a vitamin deficiency or chronic dehydration, your provider helps you identify any potential underlying causes, such as poor dietary habits, or lifestyle factors, or a certain medical condition or complication that might play a role. Alive IV offers pharmacogenomics testing and other lab work to assess deficiencies.

Low estrogen also affects depression, so your provider might suggest checking your estrogen levels and restoring hormone balance with a specific IV containing estrogen hormones. Estrogen is believed to increase serotonin — the chemical in your brain that boosts your mood. Estrogen deficiency might result in low serotonin and contribute to depression.

How does nutritional IV therapy work?

With nutritional IV therapy, you sit in a comfortable reclining chair, and your provider gently inserts a short catheter into your vein to deliver fluids customized to your individual needs. IV therapy is usually completed in about 20-30 minutes.  

Alive IV, the medical spa of Ketamine Health Centers, provides nutritional IVs and IV therapies to replenish your body’s essential substances and enhance your health and wellness.

Nutritional IV therapy provides numerous benefits and can positively transform your health and wellness. Call Alive IV, or schedule online to learn more.