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Ketamine Infusion Clinic & Board Certified Psychiatrists located in Coral Gables, FL & West Palm Beach, FL

When traditional methods of treating anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and PTSD, don’t work, ketamine could be the right solution to give you relief. At Ketamine Health Centers with four convenient locations in Coral Gables, West Palm Beach, Weston, and Altamonte Springs, Florida, the caring experts have developed and perfected highly personalized ketamine therapies with 100% safety outcomes to date. Ketamine Health Centers is a full-service clinic utilizing both anesthesia and psychiatry to deliver effective IV ketamine infusions in-office. To inquire about ketamine, call Ketamine Health Centers, or book online today.

Ketamine Q & A

What is ketamine?

Ketamine is an FDA-approved medication that has been around for 50 + years. for use in anesthesia and emergency medicine. Ketamine is one of the safest and most essential medications in the world listed in the (WHO) world health organization as top 5 essential medications in the world. Over the last two decades, Ketamine has proven to be a revolutionizing treatment for depression, suicidality, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD),  chronic pain, anxiety, fibromyalgia, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and other symptoms and conditions.

Many people don’t respond well to oral pain relievers and anti-depressants that often come along with concerning side effects and risks. Ketamine infusions have been widely used for decades to help manage these symptoms and enhance the quality of life.

How does ketamine work?

Ketamine binds to the NMDA (N-methyl-D-aspartate) receptors in the brain, this triggers an increase in glutamate production, a neurotransmitter that prompts the brain to form new neural networks. This makes the brain more adaptable and able to create new pathways and gives patients the opportunity to develop more positive thoughts and behaviors. Ketamine is also a potent anti-inflammatory, hypothesized to be a key component with the relief of pain and mood disorders. 

What can I expect during my ketamine infusion?

Many patients are curious about how ketamine works and what to expect during treatment. Ketamine IV infusion treatment is a painless procedure and patients are surprised to learn they could be depression free and/or relieved of suicidal ideations within hours to days after just one single treatment. PTSD, OCD, and many chronic pain conditions have similar efficacy as well. 

The Ketamine infusion protocol usually requires a total of 6 treatments within a 2 to 3 week time frame. At Ketamine Health Centers we collaborate with our patient’s existing health care providers, and we feel this is of the utmost importance. We do everything to ensure your visits are as seamless as possible. 

We feel and know that Set and Setting are important. Patients find that our state of the art facility provides a warm and welcoming safe environment (setting) and our mental health team makes sure the mindset is optimal. 

Whether you are seeking treatment for mental health or chronic pain, we are here to help get you better and to improve your quality of life. Our highly experienced and empathetic staff administer low dose ketamine infusion treatments in a relaxing, comfortable, spa-like setting with music and eye covers so you can get the relief you deserve within hours. 

What is intranasal ketamine? 

Ketamine Health Centers also provides intranasal ketamine — a more affordable option for patients who cannot afford IV ketamine. Intranasal ketamine is less effective than IV ketamine simply because the bioavailability is 50% of that of the IV ketamine, nonetheless, it's a superior treatment option in comparison to oral antidepressants. 

Intranasal ketamine must be administered in-office and monitored by our KHC expert trained staff. We do not prescribe intranasal ketamine as a take home option under no circumstance. 

Ketamine Health Centers follows the Spravato REMS FDA approved protocol in the administration of intranasal ketamine. The course of treatment is twice a week for one month and then once a week for the second month. For your third month, you receive biweekly treatments. Intranasal ketamine treatments cost $150 per visit.

To learn more about how innovative ketamine therapy can give you relief, call Ketamine Health Centers, or book online today.