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To an Amazing New Day

Happy New Year! I do hope the year welcomed you with excitement for new possibilities. A nod, at least, to the importance of creating new plans, new paths to wellness. I hope you also entertain the possibility of having an amazing day ahead! I was beautifully reminded that it is in my power to have an amazing day. As I go about my routine being mindful of what I see and say, and especially how I feel, I notice how my reactions to all that surrounds me can shape my mindset. With an open mind I take on challenges and find the beauty in all things that I encounter, perhaps even the possibility of something shifting my course for the better. When I recognize the smile that comes over me as I witness a sweet moment unfold, I feel the renewed energy that a specific connection provides me. I draw from that energy all the possibilities that exist in the universe. I become open to the world and find that being in the moment helps bring about the positive things I seek out in my life. What is even more inspiring is recognizing that an intentional mindset also generates that energy for others around me. I can be a catalyst for others I encounter throughout my amazing day to take notice and be more mindful of their own powerful place in the world. This sort of energy exchange happens on such a subtle level that sadly we often ignore it. Yet, we have the advantage of the collective that gives great potency to the power of possibility and openness. We grow immensely when we recognize our power to influence not only our own reactions and attention to life’s moments, but by simply living with greater intention we help those around us focus on their own states of wellbeing and character development. The core of that state of psychosocial development rests on relationship and fellowship building, creating a collective energy that leads to synergistic growth, and above all establishing a healthy balance in all aspects of living. More often than not, when we develop our core beings we are rewarded with a cosmic connection in life that helps us navigate this difficult world with more patience and love. And so I hope to carry the energy of the holidays through the fellowship that was shared into the new year.

In order to feel one with the created world we must be open to possibility. The possibility of change, the possibility of something new and unexpected. These moments of deeper connections with the life source that moves through all states of being are not difficult to establish, but they do require an openness and flexibility of mind that our hectic lives and social structures do not encourage. Some individuals have a lower tolerance for change, for difference, for flexibility. Some see only black and white. It makes it hard to grow in a society that shines as a prism light if you can’t appreciate its colorful array. We at Ketamine Health Centers recognize this and provide new treatment methods, Ketamine infusion and TMS treatments, to help loosen the rigid perspectives that often grips the mind. The neurophysiological effects that these treatments aim to produce in large part help the mind escape entrenched pathways and create subtle new circuitry that allows for that needed flexibility for core wellness. Please connect with us today through our various modes of contact, and schedule a free consultation to explore the possibilities that Ketamine Health Centers can provide you or your loved one.

Isbel Cruz-Chaudhry

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