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Ketamine Infusions: Transforming Mental Health

The history of Ketamine in the mental health field dates back 50 years. In the 1960s it was FDA approved as a dissociative anesthetic. Due to this dissociative aspect, Ketamine began to be explored within the mental health field in the 1970s, as well as within the discipline of psychology. It was primarily used in medical communities outside of the United States where various psychotherapeutic methodologies were explored more widely. In those early years, Ketamine was found to produce positive results within the discipline of psychiatry and psychotherapy, and as a vehicle for exploration of the ego/Self within the field of transpersonal psychology. Its efficacy in various realms of medicine and healing is well documented, although at that time Ketamine was often used in tandem with other medicinal plants and synthetic combinations. Research and use in the psychiatric field became more common place in the U.S. at the turn of this century. Extensive double-blinded, placebo controlled studies were undertaken, mainly looking at depression but also within pain management research. It is now being used in a wide variety of settings and for a range of conditions on the mental health spectrum, and continues to produce results for pain management. For a detailed exploration of the history and current medical use of Ketamine, I encourage you to read the The Ketamine Papers: Science, Therapy, and Transformation.

There is renewed energy and more than a little hope on the horizon as Ketamine helps us understand more deeply the connections between mind-body-spirit or wellbeing. The overall goal with Ketamine infusions is to evoke a dissociative process that takes place on a neuro-cognitive level, and helps establish an existential stance towards one’s perspective of the Self and the world around them. To evoke a new way of seeing things. One that leads to more depth of self-reflection, and ultimately to the goal of greater understanding of self and others.

Ketamine Health Centers provides you the tools and guidance to work through depression, other mental health conditions, or pain management from a holistic perspective that utilizes this FDA approved medication with an overall approach to wellness and wellbeing. The consultation process is in part where you will discuss how to supplement the work of the Ketamine infusions between treatments, for this is a vital part of creating efficacy and duration of the effects of the infusion. Along with your clinician, you will discuss ways to tailor your experience and establish follow-up sessions. Ketamine infused experiences ought to be augmented by a multifaceted approach to wellness and wellbeing through diet, movement meditation, relaxation methods, breathing techniques or more traditional meditation; along with talk therapy in the follow-up sessions, and perhaps further reflection through writing exercises.

Together these modes of being, of releasing, realigning and recharging our energy, help us build our inner core and provide the mindset to mitigate emotional stress and everyday worries. And with time and practice, and at times through the support that augmented therapies such as Ketamine infusions provide, you will start to create your inner peace. The goal is to learn to stand calm in the midst of a storm, simply letting it wash over you, unmoved, but not unchanged.

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Isbel Cruz-Chaudhry

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