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Here We Go Again

Raise your hand if you’re ready for Back to School season!
This time of year reminds me of the excitement of all that is new. New school supplies, new teachers, new classmates and adventures. We all want summer fun to continue, but kids might be as excited to see more friends and take on greater challenges. And parents are more than ready to send them off. Perhaps you’re preparing to send your first (or last born) to kindergarten or college. Maybe you’re starting a new job, a new career path. The excited energy that surrounds you when you begin something new, something out of your comfort zone, helps you through the initial moments of uncertainty. Just as there is an electrified energy in the air when summer gives way to fall and seasonal changes seep in, that same energy is palpable on a college campus in September. Its movement stirring motivation, arising from structured freedom and open spaces for exploration. Or maybe you find you are like many who need to take a deep breath and exhale with “whooosaaaa”, as you faintly claim, “I’m ready”, with a yawn and arms up in a stretch. Meanwhile, countless individuals who will continue the daily commute of work and home will find that summer didn’t provide the escape we had quite hoped for.  Not to worry, the heat of summer will soon lift as that shift to fall pushes us along.

But for some individuals a little push is not enough. If you seek more help at these challenging times of transition, or perhaps suffer more intractable states of depression that make change very difficult to manage, there is hope on the horizon. Ketamine infusion treatment can provide relief, even if you are among many who have tried a variety of treatment therapies to manage the amplified challenges of chronic conditions. A Time Magazine article, New Hope for Depression, highlights the promising treatment that ketamine infusion provides patients who face some of the greatest challenges with depression and mood disorders. “Studies have shown that 60% to 70% of people with treatment-resistant depression respond to ketamine,” according to current research and clinical findings. Ketamine infusion testimonials and research also provide hope for therapists optimistic about the healing paths available to patients across the spectrum, from mental health to pain management.

No matter where you find yourself on the mental health spectrum, the shine of a new start should ultimately give way to a comfort level and stability that routines provide. Creating balance in our life includes finding healthy ways to manage the stress that comes from change, harness the energy that surrounds us and maintain it so that excitement stays with us as we fall into an established pattern. Children are especially in need of structured schedules to set their patterns of expectation and increase their focus, as well as reduce anxiety that comes with all that is new.  Our bodies need a certain amount of routine to function more optimally. A regular sleep schedule is important for all, and most adults don’t get enough shut eye on a regular basis. A major factor in increased irritability and lack of focus or mental recall. Setting up a time and creating the space to nurture our many faceted needs requires that we maintain flexibility in our routines as well. Too much of a good thing is never good. Extremes expose us to vulnerabilities. Obsessive compulsive disorder and other mental ruts that come from excessive structure can also compromise us. For those who have a greater challenge in maintaining flexibility, or keeping intrusive thoughts and behaviors at bay, ketamine infusion treatment can also provide relief. 

Please contact us today and consult with our exceptional team of medical professionals to learn more about how ketamine treatment can help you find your balance.    

Isbel Cruz-Chaudhry

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