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Family, Friends and Fellowship

The holiday season is here! Hard to believe already. Stores went from marking down Halloween items to stocking Christmas decorations, skipping this month of November, it seems. A small section of Thanksgiving table settings remind us of the current season. Many retailers, as you know, began their grand holiday a few weeks early, too, with Black Friday sales starting off the month. I suppose I’m all for it. I am happy to see more signs this year noting store closing hours and the reason for doing so, allowing employees to celebrate the holiday in leisure. Even if it isn’t the most leisurely of holidays. Still, rooted deeply in our history and in our psyche, the Thanksgiving holiday marks a turning point in the year for many. It highlights a sacred time that allows us to take a moment to appreciate and share, and create a space for reflection. A space that emerges as we let traditions bring us together in a spirit of giving that carries into the start of the new year.
Many spiritual themes around the world speak to our need for fellowship and remind us of our responsibility to others, to those less fortunate than ourselves. To fellowship is to break bread with others, to share, to create a space where one feels bolstered by those around. Traditions are like glue, allowing us to join together in fellowship and create a bond, create meaning in our life, establishing a sense of belonging when we celebrate with loved ones and within our communities. True fellowship allows us to see ourselves reflected in others. Reflection is never an easy process, not if you’re honest with yourself. But with the salve that sharing with others during the holidays provides our psyche, often we find that simply being present helps us let go of our stress and often heals our soul. Of course, we do not always have family or friends close by. Some individuals feel more acutely the hardships they carry, and may feel more isolated still if the joy of the holidays feels out of reach. But we are not alone. We are all connected by our common thread – that deep rooted need for fellowship. The magic of this time of year is felt when we highlight that thread and nurture the bonds that grow from it.
But as many have experienced at some point in their life, the holiday season highlights more acutely a sense of loss and loneliness. The holiday blues are real for many who feel the weight of depression and chronic pain. If you or a loved one needs additional support, please contact our knowledgeable staff today for a free consultation, and explore the benefits of Ketamine infusion treatment.
And today, let us honor ourselves by sharing in genuine fellowship with others as we gather around the holiday table. Fill your soul by helping those less fortunate in your community who may not feel close ties. Let us share wholeheartedly in the traditions that bond us. Or begin a new tradition that will set the tone for closer family or community relations. You can challenge yourself in today’s polarized society and open your mind to opposing views should you find yourself sitting next to that “obnoxious” person at the table! Open your heart to understand people different than yourself – with respect one can truly listen. Of course, if you can donate of your time and talents to those in need of fellowship, do so. For it is by virtue of moving past our own needs, and feeding the souls (and filling the bellies) of those around us that we create a richer life for all.

Isbel Cruz-Chaudhry

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